Guest Post By Hunter: Lessons from 7 Months of Marriage


Hey guys!

Hunter here, first off just want to say thank you for allowing my wife to express herself and share our story through her blog. It is only through the support of you that she has been able to continue to grow this business and blog. Every business is made up of many people and is no different. You are a big part of what we have been able to accomplish and I thank you!

What I have learned in 7 Months of Marriage 

Yesterday, Tayler and I hit our 7 month wedding anniversary. She asked me to share what we have learned over the last 7 months of marriage and I was super pumped! Obviously marriage is two lives becoming one and that is something that gets thrown around but man is it ever true. For example, I am 6’6 230 lbs and sharing a bed has been a real struggle haha. She is the gremlin in the middle of the night who steals all the sheets and leaves the giant to freeze. She has learned that I eat like a viking horde and probably consume in one meal what she eats in a week, our portions are hilariously different. So what usually happens is she fixes her plate and I will just take the rest. I’ve also learned that she is a night owl and I am straight up life alert schedule and want to be asleep by 8:30.

All joking aside, marriage has been an absolute blessing! Even though she steals the sheets, you don’t care because you are doing life with your best friend. We have learned communication is key. So one of the things we like to do is to take walks around the park by our place to get some fresh air and talk things out. I have learned that if something is on your mind just talk it out. Because your wife knows you better than you know yourself. It’s important to make her laugh and take it one day at a time and enjoy the ride. Plan your life and be diligent, but enjoy the season that God has you in. Remember that marriage is a blessing from God and thank Him because all good things come from the Father above including my beautiful Tayler.

P.S. Fellas, breakfast in bed is real clutch, they eat that up, literally and figuratively. 😉

Y’all are the best!



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