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Happy Wedding Wednesday!  Over the past few months we have covered many pivotal topics when it comes to planning your wedding; finding the perfect color palettefinding the perfect wedding dress, finding the perfect wedding vendors, finding the perfect wedding venue, and staying within your wedding budget. Today, we are moving onto another fun topic, finding the perfect bridesmaid dress. There are several things to think about before deciding on what your bridesmaids will wear on your special day. So I have put together a list of tips to help you find that perfect bridesmaid dress.

How To Find The Perfect Bridesmaid Dress

  1. Decide what color from your color palette you would like for the dresses to be– First things first, before you can start searching for that perfect bridesmaid dress you need to decide what color you would like the dresses to be. At this point you already have your color palette picked out so this should be a fairly easy process.
  2. Research looks– As always research, research, research. As soon as you can, start researching different bridesmaid dress designs, colors, designers, where to buy certain dresses, price points of dress, etc. WeddingWire has the perfect online research tool (similar to their wedding dress finder) that allows you to search through bridesmaid dresses by designer, fit, style and price point.
  3. Decide whether you want everyone to match– This is a super fun decision. In the past all bridesmaid dresses had to match but the old way is gone and the new way is in 😉 So you get to decide whether you would like to have everyone match or if you would like to mix it up a bit. The decision is yours.
  4. Be cautious about others budgets– This is a very important matter to remember. You want to always be cautious about your bridesmaids budgets when picking the dresses you want them to wear. Though this is your special day you don’t want them to break the bank because of it. You can find dresses of all price points and want to be thoughtful of everyone budgets.
  5. Be cautious of timeline– This is VERY important to remember. Depending how long your engagement is, you want to make sure that your bridemaids will have plenty of time to order, receive their dresses, and alter them if needed. Some bridesmaids dresses can take as long as a wedding dress to come in. So make sure to have your timeline in mind and make appointments / order dresses asap.
  6. Pick dresses that align with venue/season– You want to pick dresses that will be appropriate for the season and venue your wedding is in. This will allow you to decide if your bridesmaids need long sleeves, shawls, long dress, short dress, etc.
  7. Pick dresses everyone will be comfortable in– This is very important. Not only do you want to be comfortable, and gorgeous on your wedding day but you also want your bridesmaids to feel the same. Though it can be hard to find a dress that looks well on everyone, try your best to find one that each bridesmaid will feel comfortable in.
  8. Pick dresses that will photograph well– This is extremely important. You want all of your dresses to look perfect in person and also in photos.To ensure that, a good way to test if the dress will look good in photos is to take a picture of each dress your bridesmaids try on. That way you an easily decide which ones are okay and which ones are not.

I hope you are enjoying this process. I know it can be a little tricky but try to enjoy each step. As I always say, this time will fly by before you know it.




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